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The fundamentals for these activities are laws and regulations and ministerial announcements, respectively, contracts with partner organizations and customers and agreements with the associations of the Bavarian dairy industry, respectively based on the needs of the dairy farmers and corporations or orders of the ministries.

The Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. as assigned entrepreneur of the Free State of Bavaria is responsible for the  implementation of the quality and payment regulation for milk in Bavaria. This comprises following aspects:

1. Sampling
According to § 2 paragraph 1 of the implementation ordinance regulation for the quality and payment regulation for milk the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. accounts for the taking and provision of the quality samples by the dairies. Furthermore the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. is responsible for public enforcement tasks by excluding invalid sampling units in milk collecting trucks from the taking of official samples.

2. Milk collecting truck inspection
According to § 2 paragraph 3 of the implementing regulation for the quality and payment regulation for milk from December 7, 2008 the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. is responsible for the testing of the sampling  equipment in milk collecting trucks. The testing procedure for sampling equipment in milk collecting trucks is regulated in detail in line with an announcement of the Bavarian Ministry for Agriculture and Forestry from September 3, 1997, No. MT 1.7601.87-193. The testing is to be repeated at least every 6 months.

3. Training for samplers and drivers of milk collecting trucks
Staff which is deployed for the drawing of samples is trained by the Milchprüfring. The training contents are predetermined by the Bavarian Agency for Agriculture. The training is repeated at regular intervals (-> at least every 4 years).

4. Laboratory examination according to the quality and payment regulation for milk
According to the statutory requirements the Milchprüfring is responsible for the  quality inspection and evaluation of the delivered milk. According to § 1 of the quality and payment regulation for milk the quality criteria

  • fat content
  • protein content
  • bacteriological quality
  • somatic cell count 
  • freezing point
  • absence of inhibitors

are to be analyzed according to §2 paragraph 1 to 7. The Milchprüfringe valuates the results, categorizes them according to §3 paragraph 1 to 4 of the quality and payment regulation for milk and provides the dairies and data centers with the results for the payment scheme.

5. Compiling of the billing data sets
The released test results are evaluated at the beginning of the following month and the dairies are provided with them as clearly structured data sets for each dairy farmer in order to compile the billing of the milk payment.


Another services:

On-site inspections in line with the EU-Foodstuffs Hygiene Law (former milk regulation)
In the EU-foodstuffs hygiene package the requirements for the livestock, the production facilities and the production procedure of milk are specified. The Milchprüfring with the accredited inspection authority (DIN EN ISO 17020) conducts on-site inspections by order of the Bavarian Ministry for Environment and Health.

Analyses for the LKV Bayern – milk recording
In line with the agency contract the Milchprüfring tests DHI samples for the LKV for the parameters

  • fat
  • protein
  • lactose
  • somatic cell count
  • urea

The results are also used for the estimation of breeding values and for feeding advice.

Analyzing of internal samples
By request of the dairies the Milchprüfring provides empties for internal samples, tests the samples of the dairy farmers and dairies for the stated parameters and reports the results.

Taking and testing of self-marketer samples
By request of the self-marketers the Milchprüfring takes samples on site, analyzes them and reports the results.

Provision of milk samples for further analyses (BHV1, Leucosis, Brucellosis)
The Milchprüfring provides milk samples for the testing for Leucosis and Brucellosis and forwards these to the Animal Health Service and the Regional Office of the Bavarian Agency for Health and Foodstuffs Safety (LGL – former Health Examination Departments North and South).

Further laboratory services such as daily inhibitor screening
In the year 2004 the Milchprüfring and some dairies had started to plan and implement inhibitor screening. At the end of 2014 already 58 Bavarian dairies had introduced this comprehensive inhibitor screening system. Every milk collection at the farmers of these dairies is tested in principle. A collective sample is taken of every delivery tour of a milk collecting truck and is tested for the presence of inhibitors in the dairy. In case of a positive result all single samples of the suppliers of this tour are tested for inhibitors in the laboratory of the Milchprüfring.

Supplier information retrieval system
The Milchprüfring makes the current quality results available to the dairy farmers and dairies. The results are updated promptly and can be retrieved via an Internet data base, an automated directory assistance system 00 49 84 42-95 99 99 or via fax and upon registration directly via text message, respectively.

Via the information system also results of special samples (inhibitor single animal samples), which are analyzed in the dairies, can be retrieved. These are transferred to the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. by the dairy and entered into the information system.

Use of information system also for dairies
The dairies have the possibility to retrieve the values of their milk suppliers via an own “dairy access tool.”

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