Organization and analyses in line with the Milk Quality and Payment Regulation (MGVO)

This “regulation about quality inspection and payment of the delivered milk” regulates the frequency of analyses for fat and protein content, somatic cell count and bacteriological quality, verification of the absence of inhibitors and determination of freezing point.

Beyond that the regulation determines payment relevant threshold values for the bacteriological quality and the somatic cell count. The quality and payment regulation for milk is released by the Federal Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection (BMELV). For the implementation in Bavaria a corresponding implementing regulation applies.

Thereafter the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. is the assigned authority in Bavaria for these analyses according to the MGVO.

The frequency of analyses in Bavaria at present:

Test criteria                                               Analyses per farm and month Average determination and calculation period                 
Fat/protein content 6 x Arithmetic means of the current month
Somatic Cell Count 4 x Geometric means over 3 months
Total Bacteria Count 2 x Geometric means over 2 months
Determination of freezing point 4 x Arithmetic means of the current month
Verification of absence of inhibitors 4 x Only single values of the current month are relevant

Among the tasks of the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. are also the classification of the results according to the payment of the delivered milk and the exchange of data for the billing of the milk payment to the dairies and its assigned data centers. The fat and protein content of the milk form the basis for the milk payout of the dairies. The standard payout price has been determined since January 1, 2006 at 4.2 percent fat and 3.4 percent protein. For higher and lower milk ingredients, respectively the dairies correspondingly use a surcharge or a deduction. Furthermore, regulations for the quality status of the milk apply. Thus the results of the activities of the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. are a most important basis for the milk payment of the dairies to the farmers.

In order to fulfill this task sixth resp. eight samples randomly distributed over the month are used to qualify each dairy farm. These samples are taken, transported and analyzed under a strict quality assurance regime by automatic sampling devices in the milk collecting trucks. There is no advance notice to the dairy farmers. These samples form the basis of the laboratory analyses for fat, protein, somatic cell count, total bacteria count, freezing point and inhibitors.

The threshold values which apply to the quality payment are regulated by the MGVO as following:

S-quality grade < 50 000 germs/ml
 < 300 000 somatic cells/ml
Quality grade 1 < 100 000 germs/ml
Quality grade 2 > 100 000 germs/ml
Somatic Cell Count limit 400 000 cells/ml
Threshold value freezing point - 0,515 °C
Inhibitors No inhibitors verifiable

The total bacteria count is calculated by using the geometric mean of the last two months. The same procedure is used for calculating SCC, somatic cell count by using the geometric mean of the last three month.

The development of the amount of analyses in line with the MGVO in the past years is shown by following diagram:

Year                    Fat content/
 protein content
 (in thousand)           
Somatic Cell Count
 (in thousand)                 
Total Bacteria
 (in thousand)
Inhibitors         Freezing point
2015 4,391 1,789 862 1,868 3,530
2014 4,037 1,779 885 1,934 3,268
2013 4,070 1,980 907 1,992 3,270
2012 3,497 1,886 936 2,085 2,574
2011 2,956 1,967 971 2,144 2,089
2010 2,956 2,041 1,012 2,254 1,801
2009 3,097 2,149 1,057 2,362 1,611
2008 3,158 2,198 1,095 2,450 1,674
2007 3,219 2,248 1,111 2,507 1,786
2006 3,297 2,266 1,140 2,612 1,875
2005 3,386 2,328 1,181 2,681 2,064
2004 3,538 2,392* 1,240 2,730 2,228
2003 3,660** 1,288 1,257 2,741 2,264*
2002 2,681 1,367 1,291 2,645 1,064
2001 2,645 1,357 1,352 2,659 1,353
2000 2,749 1,407 1,404 2,845 1,398
1999 2,993 1,531 1,530 3,096 1,530

* Increase in frequency of analyses from 2 to 4 per month
** Increase of the monthly random samples from 6 to 8 since January 1, 2003
The figures also contain samples from farms outside of Bavaria whose milk is delivered to Bavarian dairies.

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