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For Cow, Goat and Sheep: Pregnancy Examination with the PAG Test from Milk

What is the PAG Test?

Detection of Specific Proteins
The PAG Test from milk is a laboratory test (ELISA) designed to detect glycoproteins (Pregnancy-Associated Glycoprotein = PAG) in cow and goat milk. PAG is exclusively produced during pregnancy.

Three Possible Test Results
The test results are provided as "PAG-positive", "PAG-negative" and "uncertain." In cases of "uncertain" results, confirming the pregnancy status with a retest at a later time is advisable.

Reliability of the Test
The PAG Test from milk exhibits a very high level of reliability when standard quality assurance measures are followed. Any deviations from the actual pregnancy status of the cow may be attributed to sample quality or short-term influences (e.g. rejection).

What conditions need to be met?


      last calving   artificial insemination/mating
  Cattle   at least 60 days ago   at least 28 days ago
  Sheep   at least 60 days ago   at least 28 days ago
  Goat   at least 80 days ago   at least 60 days ago



  • Easy sampling, no effort for fixation, no blood sampling required.
  • Detection accuracy comparable to palpation/ultrasound.
  • Early detection of pregnancies and abortions, leading to shorter calving intervals.
  • For successful herd management, information about the pregnancy status of cows is an essential requirement throughout the entire pregnancy.


10 sample tubes cost 72.50 Euros (plus 19% VAT). You pay the amount once, even if you send the tubes at different times.


  • For orders of 5 sample sets, you receive 3 tubes for free.
  • For orders of 10 sample sets (100 tubes in total), you receive 7 tubes for free.
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