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Executive Board

The Executive Board consists of three members. The members are appointed for a term of three years. They require confirmation by the General Meeting which chose the chairman from among the members. The Executive Board is responsible for the management of all business of the association, the execution of the resolutions of the General Meeting as well as the execution of all measures which are necessary to fulfill the tasks of the association.

Alfred Enderle


Representative Milk Producers     


Appointed by

Bayerischen Bauernverband

Werner Giselbrecht


Representative Private Diary and processing companies


Appointed by

Verband der Bayerischen Privaten Milchwirtschaft e.V.

Lorenz Engljähringer


Representative of cooperative Diary and processing companies


Appointed by

Genossenschaftsverband Bayern e.V.

Managing Directors
Alfred Enderle

Managing Director

Gerhard Gruber

Business Unit Manager Administration

Dr. Frank Behre

Business Unit Manager Digitalization

Christine Roehrl

Business Unit Manager Technology

Elena Betzenbichler

Co-Business Unit Manager Technology

Nicole Chaluppa

Co-Business Unit Manager Technology