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Quality and payment regulation


The Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. accounts for the taking and provision of quality samples by the dairies and milk collection centers. Quality samples are usually taken automatically in the milk collection truck.

Milk collecting truck inspection

The testing procedure for sampling equipment in milk collecting trucks is regulated in DIN 11868, Part I. The testing must be repeated at least every 6 months.

Training for samplers and drivers of milk collecting trucks

Staff which is responsible for the drawing of samples is trained by the Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. The training contents are predetermined by the Bavarian State Research Center for Agriculture. The training is repeated at regular intervals.

Laboratory examination according to the quality and payment regulation for raw milk

The Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. examines the raw milk for the following quality paramter:

  • fat content
  • protein content
  • bacteriological quality
  • somatic cell count
  • freezing point
  • absence of inhibitors

Compiling of the billing data sets

The mpr ensures the results by means of more than 300 programmed plausibility checks and afterwards by 4-eye-control. The released test results are evaluated at the beginning of the following month and the dairies are provided with them as clearly structured data sets for each dairy farmer in order to compile the billing of the milk payment.

The Milchprüfring Bayern also offers a variety of additional services for the dairy industry and dairy farms. For further Information klick here.