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Other services for the dairy industry and dairy farms
Analyses for the LKV Bayern – milk recording

In line with the agency contract the Milchprüfring tests DHI samples for the LKV for the parameters

  • fat
  • protein
  • lactose
  • somatic cell count
  • urea

The results are also used for the estimation of breeding values and for feeding advice.

PAG (Pregnancy Associated Glycoprotein) test of milk

This test allows determination of pregnancy of cows, goats and sheep by means of analyzing the milk. For cows and goats the determination is already possible from the 28th day after insemination. Farmers can order sets of 10 tests at mpr.

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Supplier information retrieval system

The mpr makes the current quality results available to the dairy farmers and dairies. The results are updated promptly and can be retrieved via an Internet data base, an automated directory assistance system, App, email, or via fax and upon registration directly via text message, respectively.

Use of information system also for dairies

The dairies have the possibility to retrieve the values of their milk suppliers via an own “dairy access tool”.






Taking and testing of self-marketer samples

By request of the self-marketers the Milchprüfring takes samples on site, analyzes them and reports the results.






Analyzing of internal samples

By request of the dairies the Milchprüfring provides empties for internal samples, tests the samples of the dairy farmers and dairies for the stated parameters and reports the results.




Further laboratory services such as daily inhibitor screening

A collective sample is taken of every delivery tour of a milk collecting truck and is tested for the presence of inhibitors in the dairy. In case of a positive result all single samples of the suppliers of this tour are tested for inhibitors in the laboratory of the Milchprüfring.

Sample analysis for dairies

It is possible for dairies to ask mpr to examine even more samples than required according to the raw milk quality and Payment Regulation (RohmilchGütV).





MCR A - Innovative analysis for antibiotic residues
Currently all inhibitor-positive samples of raw milk - tested according to the Milk Quality & Payment Regulations (MGVO), are further analyzed at the laboratory of the mpr with the BioSensor MCR A.
It allows us to determine qualitatively and quantitatively 15 of the most often detected antibiotics in milk.
Provision of milk samples for further analyses (BHV1, Leucosis, Brucellosis)

The Milchprüfring provides milk samples for the testing for Leucosis and Brucellosis and forwards these to the Animal Health Service and the Regional Office of the Bavarian Agency for Health and Foodstuffs Safety (LGL – former Health Examination Departments North and South).


Our clients can make use of our logistics services in different fields. One sector is for example the transport of ear punch samples which are collected and examined. The data are recorded and transferred to the Animal Health Service every day in order to prevent animal diseases.




Der Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. ist Mitglied beim Deutschen Verband für Leistungs- und Qualitätsprüfungen e.V. (DLQ)

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Der Milchprüfring Bayern e.V. ist Mitglied bei der Arbeitsgruppe zur Förderung von Eutergesundheit und Milchhygiene in den Alpenländern e.V. (AFEMA)

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